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7 Belvidere

AKA the container, 7 Belvidere is standard shipping container in Bushwick, Brooklyn but it’s also an non-monetary experimental social space where I organize as part of the public programming work group.Seeking a meeting spot which didn't require taking out your wallet, eight of us who met at Black Mountain School the previous year, started renting it Fall 2017. We chose to leave the space relatively undetermined and unannounced but with emphasis on hosting the sort of event that might not find a home at the usual venues. We've hosted since a wide variety of FREE activities such as: an urban foraged banquet, puppet shows, Valentine’s Day letter writing for imprisoned sex workers, a queer clothing swap, weekly free meals and NARCAN by Club A Kitchen, a trash pick up expedition along many experimental music shows, art shows, readings and screenings. Today the container permanently houses a free store, library and Free School which occurs every first sunday of the month.It’s organizational structure is continuously changing, and it’s been interesting figuring out how to leverage the challenges of keeping it going towards strengthening the values behind it. Our main priority is sharing the small but infinite space and potential of a shipping container with you.

If you would like to keep updated with what's going on or propose an event or join us in organizing please email:

If you would like to support it is possible to do so here.


Photo by Erica Dawn Lyle.


Flyer design by Shlomit Sturti

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Flyer design by Shlomit Sturti

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Flyer design by Shlomit Sturti

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Flyer design by Shlomit Sturti


Flyer design by Suzi Sadler

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