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small wave 108 FM at Noise Agency

Small Wave FM is a mobile and covert public micro-FM radio station developed and realized during my residency at Noise Agency in Tel Aviv, September 2021. Blending in the street near the busy intersection of Yehuda Halevi and Alanbi, in the form of a flyered booth on the sidewalk, the entire radio station is actually contained within the blinking telephone. The phone transmits it’s pre-recorded programming on a FM frequency, inviting neighbors to come down and answer the call- pick up the phone and broadcast their voice, seize the transmission and the abandoned airwaves. It's a proposition to test out the relevancy of micro FM's revolutionary suggestion (a vernacular, micro, legal, take over of the ether)to our times.

The stations programming consisted of recorded sessions with artists and musicians invited to imagine radio in a world within this strangely anachronistic object exists. A latent submerged past capable of rising to the surface, technologie's after life, old news, re-runs. The pre recorded overlapped with the live, inviting this interference, to create a massive collaborative collage through space and time, an accumulative archive of that extreme locality in that moment. Participated: Rotem of Qiryat Gat, Wizard Ashdod, Hadas Pe'eri, Grisha Lumize, Guy Dubious, Ofer Tisser, Alexandre Cruz, Michal Sapir, Shaul Kohn, Hagai Izenberg, Nico Teen, Primate Arena, Lil' Oof Presents, Lenny Gaunt, Aviv Stern, Yael Lavie, Yonatan Geron.

Huge thank you to Amir Bolzman, No. 1, and to Or Rimmer and Guy Dubious.

Small Wave FM is looking to settle for a while in your neighborhood, stay tuned.


Photo by Erica Dawn Lyle.

shlomit flyer.jpg

Flyer design by Shlomit Sturti

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