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Free Air Radio

In 2107, Erica Dawn Lyle, Alexander Chaparro and myself were looking to rent a spot where we could  set up a coffee machine and copier for free use, pursue our interests in Free school and self publishing and attract other collaborators around these ideas. Instead, we signed up for a time slot on Bushwick internet radio station KPISS. The show we named Free Air Radio (F.A.R) had the set intention of mapping constellations of independent cultural activity throughout the city and around the world. We aired poetry readings we recorded during the week, found sounds, audio commissioned from friends and through our permanent open call. I used the show as outlet for my manipulated tape collages, and since the live broadcasts would often turn into chaotic parties I began collaging all pre-recorded material to cassettes, in hopes the programs-as-sound objects would one day circulate back to the Punk Alley flea Market where KPISS resided.

free air 5.jpg

Artwork by Shlomit Strutti

Photo by Joe Riley

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