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Intermittent noise...

DJ set at Mazkeka, JLM.

"five months ago, something between living and not living--- virus--- set me in the vortex annexed zone golan heights. who else was living not-living here in range of a micro fm transmission?"

donna haraway ( ) and eduardo kohn ( ) got me practicing beyond-human communication with the cats ( ).
here are some sounds collected while thinking about these things: dinky the singing dingo, medieval band and orchid on drum machine, jim nollman -I learned a lot on his website (, asking turkeys when questions, ursula k. le guin & todd barton - a music of the eighth house with the opening lines from the lathe of heaven, plants telling insects they're thirsty, a poem about the lichen at rujum el hiri, wind turbines, man and turkey.

Covid home videos and fifth grade Casio.

quarantine mix for radio zeupr in switzerland

Andrea Schiavelli- Deeper Undersatnding
Matching Mole- Gloria Gloom
Tove Jansson- Spring Tune read by Jarvis Cocker
Juan TwinMG reports-  Stuck in a cage, I'm alive
Major Penner- Forcible Interlude Potion
Albert Marcoeur- Simone
Jackson and His Computerband- Tropical Metal
Motion Graphics- Forecast
Pauline Oliveros- Grains
The Incredible String Band- The Circle is Unbroken
plutoness- sheepshead bay
id m theft able- Faded Sign
Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Time
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- Book of Sound
13th Floor Elevators- May the Circle Remain Unbroken
Chameleon Church- Spring This Year


Halel Rotem: abelton, monkey, video editing, special effects.

Myself: tapes, radio, transmitters, owl, audio editing.

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