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Sleep Exchange

Sleep exchange was an experiment in the circulation, reproduction and extension of ideas and community that took place in August 2017. In collaboration with Unbag Magazine and Sleep Center gallery in Chinatown, Julia Gladstone, Alexander Chaparro and myself as members of sundai skool facilitated an open forum for the free exchange of resources, publications, and alternative education. The programing was done through an open public bulletin board, which served as an invitation for the proposal of classes, activities, workshops, working groups, skill-shares and conversations. Some examples of such activities: "Rejection Workshop" facilitated by Suso Phizer, "Anti-Product Drawing" facilitated by Liz Ainslie and "Turn into Who You Are Supposed to Be" facilitated by Cassie Wagler. The two weeks culminated in Free f(Air) a free and barter publications and multiples fair. Featuring materials made throughout the duration of the event, anyone interested in presenting and making available their own self-made publications was invited to reproduce using the zerox copier made available.

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