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sundai skool

Sunday school was a nomadic free school I was a part of that occurred every Sunday for 7 consecutive months. Started summer 2016 by a group who met at Black Mountain School and based on lessons learned by that experience, we used the platform of "school" to explore different ways of sharing creatively. From the collectively written Sundai Skool manifesto: "Sunday school can be accessed by a weekly emailed list of activities and self-led classes. It was initiated as a way to explore alternative pedagogies and art-practices through a collaborative education model. We lead each other in workshops, discussions, lectures, exercises, walks, tours, etc. and invite others to join us. As each full day moves along, new ideas for classes are thrown out and developed.We are a group of people who keep wanting to spend time together in experimental but structured time, on a regular and consistent basis, until the very end, as befits our ideals; moving by the force of our desire and not in conflict with it. A school is a populated place that cultivates enthusiasm and criticism. Sundai school doesn't have an official website (it exists as a link to a modifiable google document for the collective planning of each session), and we try not to capitalize the name of this project (writing it each time with a different homophone variation) as a strategy to avoid stagnation, bureaucracy, and a personalized/centralized ego. If you are interested in participating, please write, let us know: if you are interested in teaching or leading an activity, if you have any resources you would like to share, what are your concerns/ideals in regards to education and community, if we could help you with anything, or if you’d like to help out with something. S u n die school members care for each other, nourish each other's’ minds, eyes, stomachs.

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Photo by Alexander Chaparro.


Photo by Alexander Chaparro.

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